Sunday, April 5, 2015

Walking Towards the Sun; an Interview with Àrnica | Heathen Harvest

Àrnica is a neofolk duo hailing from the Iberian Peninsula who are dedicated to rediscovering, recreating, and performing music with an indigenous edge. Focused largely on local and ritual instrumentation, which the listener will find is uniquely percussive in nature, Àrnica’s music is as in-tune with the spirit as it is their ancient past and the struggles of trying to elevate Tradition to a place of importance in their own modern existence. They do not rebel against the world around them so much as they try to change it from within, allowing their music to filter out and remind their fellow Iberians of their roots. Having released music through Pesanta Urfolk, Ahnstern, and Fronte Nordico among others, Àrnica have now spent nearly a decade honing their craft and proving themselves to be one of the most genuine and sincere projects of their kind. Yannis H. was fortunate enough to have a recent conversation with co-founder Carles J., which you can read below...

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