Monday, May 16, 2016

#khomus practice session 15 May 2016. not so bad for a beginner?

practice session :: by special arrangement, i received the khomus just over a month ago. i had never even played before, but now i am starting to get a feel for it smile emoticon
– this is a custom high-tech, low-frequency, shamanic khomus by the master builder Николай Бурцев (Burtcev, Nikolai) of Yakutsk, Siberia. an upgraded guimbarde of his series "tankha," it has now arrived and is living in California. it is called "Olonkho." the design is my personal sign combined with a motif of ancient Tengrianism with the meaning of "shamanism plus scientific knowledge." as i am just learning to play for the first time it is truly a great honor to receive such an exquisite instrument.
– special thanks to Хомусчут Андрей for connections & encouragement!
5 weeks of playing just a little bit each day; sometimes careful, this time i am playing a little more aggressive! - not bad for a beginner?
this vid is part of my playlist "khomus study." watch the first few vids on this for some _real playing!

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