Tuesday, May 24, 2016

NEW: The #KhomusWeekly Jew’s Harp Newsletter

news, articles & videos of the world of the Jew's Harp (otherwise know as the khomus, Хомус, xomus, guimbarde, Đàn môi, "jaw harp," "juice harp," Moorsing, mouth-harp, Maultrommel, várgan, etc.)

I hope that you enjoy #KhomusWeekly :)

this newsletter currently publishes each week on Monday at 16:00 UTC-8 (which would be Tuesday morning for many!)
submissions are appreciated! contact me or just tweet URLs using #KhomusWeekly and your announcements, favorite articles, photos, and videos can automatically appear here!

see also:
the #KhomusWeekly blog – khomusweekly.blogspot.com and the YouTube channel

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i can be contacted directly by clicking here.

my homepage: robertcherwink.com

established May. 23, 2016

#Хомус #jewsharp #guimbarde #vargan #morsing #danmoi #khomus

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