Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Paraszta Pé - Brazilian music played on a hurdy gurdy

Pablo (hurdy gurdy) and Danny (percussion) play traditional music from northeastern Brazil, but with a Hungarian twist.

Using a hurdy gurdy to imitate a Brazilian rabeca (fiddle), Paraszta Pé presents a somewhat medieval take on traditional songs and rhythms from Northeastern Brazil. Recorded in Hungary in the summer of 2013, their eponymous debut CD includes a variety of styles, including maracatu, cavalo marinho, and, of course, forró and baião.


released 18 September 2013
Pablo Lerner - hurdy gurdy
Danny Bain - percussion

Recording, Mastering: Leonardo Perez
Mixing: Allan Cuevas
Cover Art: Danny Bain and Melinda Kiss

▶ Paraszta Pé

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